Chariot's founders Ian and Srdjan
About Us

We’re revolutionizing moving company operations with powerful, easy-to-use software.

Running a successful moving company is complicated, especially without the right tools.

Most moving companies are stuck managing their business with a disconnected mix of calendar tools, spreadsheets, paperwork, and moving CRMs that only partially meet their needs. The result for movers is higher stress, lower profits, and limited innovation.

We’re different from other moving software companies.

We created Chariot to finally give moving companies amazing, modern software that simplifies their workload in a single solution.

We're an engineering-first team that collaborates with moving experts to ensure every feature is simple, powerful, and flexible. Onboarding is fast and free. We treat every moving company as a partner, and measure our success by theirs. We’re constantly growing, building, and innovating.

Our team

Ian Rapoport
CEO & Co-Founder
Srdjan Krstic
CTO & Co-Founder
Weilan Cui
Founding Engineer
Joonho Han
Founding Engineer
Peter Lemiszki
Software Engineer
Tonia John
Software Engineer
Nick Petroni
Customer Success & Operations
Daniel Tabussi
Account Executive
Bradley Mittleman
Account Executive
Zach LoCicero
Account Executive
Samantha Abbott
Senior Frontend Engineer

Our values

Respect and uplift our customers

We appreciate the role that moving companies play in helping people and organizations in their communities transition to their next phase. We believe the best way to drive long-lasting positive change in the moving industry is to empower these companies to succeed. We prioritize the needs of moving companies and their employees when making decisions.

Teach everyone, learn from anyone

We believe that great ideas can come from anyone. We seek out diverse perspectives, embrace bold solutions, and work to disconfirm our beliefs and biases. We proactively identify opportunities to teach and learn from others, regardless of role or background.

Be kindly candid

We are humble and assume the positive intent of other team members. By establishing this foundation of mutual respect, we are empowered to say what we think and provide thoughtful, timely feedback, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Take inventory and move to action

We brainstorm inclusively and respectfully but are biased towards action. We are data-driven but are comfortable using common sense in the face of ambiguity. When we face setbacks, we maintain an optimistic attitude and learn from our mistakes.

Bring your whole self to work

We cultivate a workplace where employees of all backgrounds can express themselves authentically, be vulnerable, and have fun! We are successful when great business results are delivered by a team of people leading rewarding work and fulfilling personal lives.

Your Chariot awaits.

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