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Chariot's mover app modernizes the mover experience, improves morale, and cuts down on costly mistakes.

Chariot's mover app modernizes the mover experience, improves morale, and cuts down on costly mistakes.

Used by America's best moving companies

How Chariot helps movers

Digital Schedules

Text movers alerts to their assignments, and allow them to see key jobs details and dispatcher notes, right from their phone.

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On-site photos

Movers can take photos on site to document pre-existing damages, cutting down on false damage claims by your customers.

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Time tracking

Stay on top of move day and ensure billing and payroll is correct by empowering your movers to track their activities throughout the move.

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Digital Bills of Lading

Cut paperwork, admin time, and math mistakes by using digital bills of lading. BoLs are customized to your moving company and work on any mobile device.

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With Chariot, crews can get paid by card right at the end of the move (including tips). Just add the customer's payment details, or let your customer pay right form their own device.

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Mover Texting [New!]

Tired of managing separate text and WhatsApp threads with your movers? Chariot allows dispatchers to text with movers right from Chariot.

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Under 10 seconds

To text movers their job assignments

10+ mins

Per job saved by using paperless Bills of Lading


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"The Chariot team has been unbelievably supportive and receptive to our input. Literally one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had."

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Can I customize my digital Bill of Lading?
Yes. We'll work with you to make sure your digital Bill of Lading has everything you need, including any custom liability sign offs, valuation options, etc.
Can I process payments (cards, ACH, etc.) through Chariot?
Yes! Chariot has integrated payment processing built in. It usually takes <48 hours to set up new companies, and it will allow you to start taking payments right from Chariot, at competitive rates. We also provide support for any payments issues that may arise, including chargeback support.
Do I need to buy devices (tablets) to use Chariot?

No. Chariot works on any device. We don't sell devices / tablets or data plans.

For office functionality, all of Chariot works well on a tablet, and most of it works well on a phone as well! 

All of our mover / crew functionality is designed to work on a phone or tablet. Whether you have movers use their own device or purchase company tablets for them is up to you.

How much does Chariot cost?
Moving companies pay a quarterly (every 3 months) or annual (12 months upfront) price to access Chariot. Chariot provides a single price for unlimited users and core feature access, based on the size of your moving company (for example, a 10-crew moving company will pay more than a 2-crew moving company). Our pricing starts at $212 per month.
Is Chariot an app?
If you mean an "app" like one you'd download from the Apple Store or Google Play store, no.
Chariot is a web app, meaning it's accessed from a web browser, like Chrome or Safari. However, you can add Chariot to your phone like it's an app, and it behaves very similarly! 
We do plan to release "native" apps for iphone and android in the near future. We're happy to explain more if you chat with us! 

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