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Improve your intake process, increase your closing ratio, and save time on every booking with the best moving company CRM

Improve your intake process, increase your closing ratio, and save time on every booking with the best moving company CRM

Used by America's best moving companies

Some of our moving company sales tools

Web (new lead) form

Save time by giving your customers the ability to fill out their move details on a mobile-friendly web form. Chariot instantly alerts your team and contacts the customer.

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Automated Emails and Texting

Automated, custom emails and texts save sales teams hours of manual work spent tracking down leads and sending the same follow-ups. Send and receive texts right from Chariot to save time and reach customers faster.

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Intake and Inventory Tools

Visualize a job in seconds with integrated street views, digital inventories, and travel estimates. Upload photos and documents during a survey. Add notes anywhere so your dispatcher and crews know exactly what to expect.

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Digital Estimates

Estimate each job and in a couple clicks. Email and text a branded, mobile-friendly digital estimate and get alerted when it’s signed. Integrate deposit collection right into the signing flow.

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Lead management

Chariot instantly shows you how many leads are at each stage of your sales funnel, and helps your prioritize which follow-ups are the best use of time. See when customers last viewed their estimate. View, sort, and take action on one screen

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Connect sales and operations

Chariot's sales tools are tied seamlessly into its job schedule. That means you can instantly see which days are filling up and which days have more availability to book.

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Of customers complete an inventory via Chariot's web form


Texting and emailing included in the price of Chariot


Cost of Chariot's white-glove support

“Moving from our spreadsheet systems to Chariot has been amazing. We’re getting more leads with less work. It makes training new staff easier, and has cut down on costly mistakes from sales on down to crews.”

Matt Dvorak

Black Belt Movers


Can Chariot integrate with my lead sources?
Most likely yes! We have an "open API", which means lead sources can "talk" to Chariot and send new leads directly into the system.
For example, we have customers that have integrated Chariot with lead sources like Angi,, Quoterunner, and more!
Can I customize the inventory rooms, items, boxes, weights, and volumes in Chariot?

Yes, all of this is 100% customizable. We'll make sure you're set up the way you want during onboarding. You can also always customize these inventory details on the fly for each move! 

Do I need to fill out all the move details in Chariot to book a move?

No. Fill out just what you want, skip what you don't need.

I don't usually take inventories or send estimates. Can I still use Chariot?
Yes! Chariot doesn't force you to take inventories or send estimates, and we can help you set up Chariot for a simpler process if you often book customers over the phone.
My moving company has multiple locations. Does Chariot work for that?
Yes! We have multi-site solutions so you can manage seamlessly across all your locations, including rolled-up vs. single-site reporting.

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